First Self-Portrait Gif Experiments


How would I want to portrait myself in an animated GIF? This is the question I asked myself over and over again during the last couple of weeks.

Creating a self-portrait in form of a GIF is harder than it seems. While the gif format is limited to only a small number of frames, the term self-portrait is really broad and for me rather complicated to think about.

These first experiments only focus on my outward appearance. Both are really simple. During my researches about GIFs and GIF self-portraits I realised how much I like gifs which are digitally drawn or sketched in a rather minimalistic way.

Mahmoud Ismail is one of the artists that influenced me the most. He is a Berlin-based visual artist and most of his GIFs are sketched in black and white. I like the imperfect style of the animations, which are still very strong and expressive.

(Source: imposewill.gif)

For future experiments, I want my GIF self-portrait to be expressive and not only focused on outward appearance. Instead, I would also like to include character traits. For me the most interesting way to create a GIF self-portrait is to focus on aspects of my life that influenced me the most or things I am good at.


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