Working on my Gif Self-Portrait

Since before Easter break I am constantly developing my ideas around the task to create a GIF self-portrait.

Finally, I made up my mind about the structure of my final GIF and how it should look like. It will consist of different layers of which each represents a different part of my identity. The screen shot shows how my After Effects Composition currently looks like.

The first layer of the GIF will express my passion for photography and nature. The second one will express my love for the sea. There will also be a third one, but I don’t want to say too much already. The camera goes through each layer to reach the next one. In the first picture the it will go through the camera lens.

Actually, before I decided to create the GIF this way, I wanted to do something like this:

This GIF is made by Designer, Illustrator and Photographer Yuval Haker. A body shape merging into another completely different picture also seemed to me a good way to express identity.

During the next days, I will have to finish this project. I love creating GIFs, working with AfterEffects, creating all these digital cut-out collages, and drawing shapes in Adobe Illustrator.


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