My name is Luzie and I love to express myself during creative tasks.

I am studying Media and Communication studies at the MArtin-Luther-University Halle -Wittenberg. Currently I am abroad in Plymouth to study Media Arts at Plymouth University for one year.

This is what me and some friends think about me.

For my creative work, I take my inspirations mainly from the nature, people and architecture surrounding me.

I have a great range of practical experiences due to my studies, various internships and voluntary work.

Corax e.V. – Initiative fuer Freies Radio

February 2016 – April 2016: Internship at Radio Corax, which is a local non-commercial radio in Halle (Saale). Production and post-production of reports and on-air presentation.

Examples of my work for Radio Corax:



In 2016, during my work for Radio Corax, I also produced two prize-winning radio reports.

The competition was called ‘Rundfunkpreis Mitteldeutschland’ (Broadcasting Award Central Germany).

This competition was hosted by SLM – Sächsische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (Saxon State Institute of Private and Recent Media)

HALternativ e.V.

From June – August 2016 I worked in the field of social media marketing for a youth poetry slam championship, hosted by the HALternativ e.V. My tasks were mainly related to image and video production and the managing of a crowdfunding campaign.

Extract of testimonial:

“Teammitglieder schätzten ihr kollegiales Verhalten, ihr Verhalten war stets vorbildlich.”  (“Members of the team appreciate her cooperative manner, which was always exemplary.”)

Offener Kanal Magdeburg

2014: Internship in the Offener Kanal Magdeburg, which is a local and non-commercial TV channel in Magdeburg. Production and post-production of TV reports.

Example of my work for the Offener Kanal Magdeburg:

This is a short report about a shadow theatre play by two students from Magdeburg. This report is part of the magazine “Jugendstil“.

This is a portrait of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Magdeburg.

The Pipers e.V.

In 2013, I voluntarily worked as an assistant producer in the Opera House of Magdeburg. The theatre group “The Pipers” consists of mentally disabled people who love to act. Luise Audersch was the director of the play named Häppi Endet.

Amnesty International “German Café”

In Summer 2016 I voluntarily worked with Syrian and African refugees in one of Amnesty International’s German language cafés in Halle (Saale). Every Thursday from 6-8 pm a mixed group of motivated refugees and students from the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg met to talk in German and teach the German language with little prepared tasks and worksheets in a very entertaining and fun way.

Radio Corax

In 2016, after my internship at Radio Corax I decided to continue my work for the radio station on a voluntary basis, such as hosting a live-magazine on Monday evening.

Student’s Initiative “Sustainability”

From September 2015 till June 2016 I was part of a Student’s initiative at the MLU Halle-Wittenberg called “NachHalltig” (Sustainability). I helped promoting a series of lectures that is all about sustainability and takes place every summer semester.


If you want more detailed information about me, my employments of the present and past and my up-to-date CV, please visit my LinkedIn profile.