Places in Plymouth

Last weekend I borrowed a Hasselblad camera from the Media Hub at my university and started walking through Plymouth. I walked past a lot of familiar places but also discovered new ones. My favourite area is usually the seaside but this time I tried to mainly focus on interesting architectural spaces in Plymouth. Again, you can see that I like to capture symmetry.

Plymouth is such an interesting place even though it is not always pretty. But if you ask me, there is a certain aspect of aesthetic in all these places. Which is probably the reason for me to take pictures of them.



Ruins of Metropolis

Halle Neustadt used to be a flourishing city. A lot of people desired to live there. Now parts of it lost their glamour. These abandoned parts awake my interest. The glamour might be gone, but for me a new kind of attraction arose.

Discovering Symmetry


Walking through the streets of Plymouth I couldn’t ignore the symmetrical style of the architecture. Symmetry is something highly inspiring for me. I don’t know where this fascination is coming from, but since I grew up in eastern Germany I am used to a rather concrete style of buildings.

I took a Hasselblad and had to capture some of my impressions.