Staring at Jelly


Jelly can be stunningly beautiful.

I got really inspired by watching jelly fish movement in Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium and I had to take pictures of them.

For me they look like mystic dancers, dressed in beautiful costumes. Most of the time they just get moved around by the water. But their own movements seem so smooth and relaxed like nothing really matters.

Being a jellyfish must be great.


The Box

My film “The Box” was created during a module called Independent Practice at Plymouth University.

The main idea of this project was to develop a critical reflection of mass media use in a society which is constantly influenced by the unfiltered perception of moving images.

Producing the film took me quite a while. In total probably one month. In the following I want present you the recipe for an animation film like this with all the special ingredients I used.

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Discovering Symmetry


Walking through the streets of Plymouth I couldn’t ignore the symmetrical style of the architecture. Symmetry is something highly inspiring for me. I don’t know where this fascination is coming from, but since I grew up in eastern Germany I am used to a rather concrete style of buildings.

I took a Hasselblad and had to capture some of my impressions.