Places in Plymouth

Last weekend I borrowed a Hasselblad camera from the Media Hub at my university and started walking through Plymouth. I walked past a lot of familiar places but also discovered new ones. My favourite area is usually the seaside but this time I tried to mainly focus on interesting architectural spaces in Plymouth. Again, you can see that I like to capture symmetry.

Plymouth is such an interesting place even though it is not always pretty. But if you ask me, there is a certain aspect of aesthetic in all these places. Which is probably the reason for me to take pictures of them.



Portrait Series Tereza


This portrait shooting happened very spontaneously. Tereza needed photographs for her artist portfolio and I was happy to help her out with that.

Together we went through the city of Plymouth and finally most of the photos were shot at the sea where Plymouth has its most beautiful places to discover.
I love the contrast in these pictures. It makes her stand out from the simple but interesting backgrounds.

Discovering Symmetry


Walking through the streets of Plymouth I couldn’t ignore the symmetrical style of the architecture. Symmetry is something highly inspiring for me. I don’t know where this fascination is coming from, but since I grew up in eastern Germany I am used to a rather concrete style of buildings.

I took a Hasselblad and had to capture some of my impressions.